My New Baby-Pocopayasos Straight Shooter

He is full of spunk this boy. Settling in fast. All the dogs approve and love him already. They are being so good and gentle with him and he is sure getting his exercise today.
He’s here. And what a sweetheart he is. Very excited to see how this boy is going to mature. From what I see here he should be good competition in the show ring. Very rich, warm reds in him. He is a red sable. He is so social, so loving. A wee bit lonely as he came from a litter of 8. I am sure he won’t lack any loving in this house.
Meet my new boy. From the video’s I have seen he is a no fear type boy and I think I will have my hands full for awhile. Really looking forward to getting him Monday evening. He is coming from Paula Martel of Pocopayasos in Sudbury Ontario. Paula and I go way back almost 20 years now. Has it really been that long? Watch this boy grow up and see him in the show ring next year.

Happy Labour Day Weekend

Summer is ending and we are drifting into fall. The dogs are loving the cooler weather. Much more active as you can see. Happy Dogs!


Grooming Piper

She is blowing coat so keeping her coat combed out has been a daily process. Its all the little tangles and knots falling out into her undercoat that makes for lots of work. But getting through it is quite rewarding. I think she looks pretty good.

DSC_0192 (1) DSC_0211